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Titles this week from Rapple Corps, Wardour, and others...
06 Nov 2013

...Pictured above are the two November releases from Rapple Corps., to me this feels like deja vu and that we've seen these before but here they are anyway, WINGS 'The Complete Back To The Egg Sessions" 4CD Book type package...and, JOHN LENNON "Imagine: Multi Tracks Separated" 3CD/DVD Book style package...

...How about a non-label 4CD set featuring THE WHO?...right on, this "Largo 1976" set features their August 3rd & 4th, 1976 shows from The Capitoll Centre via excellent audience sources...

...On the way from Wardour is a good looking KINKS package, "Chicago 1987 - Second Night" 2CD set!..This contains a soundboard tape from their March 8, 1987 show at The Riviera Theater in Chicago - early copies get the 2CDR featuring the previous evening's concert recording as well as "Born To Roam" 2CDR which contains two other concerts from The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee on April 8, 1988 from the soundboard, and from The Fox Theater in St. Louis via soundboard...nice...

...Coming from Zodiac is the KISS 4CD "Invades Japan 2013" which pairs a couple of excellent audience recordings from Chiba, Japan on October 19th & 21st...

...Another non-label offering and this one a DVD set from WHITESNAKE, "Monsters Of Rock Brazil 2013" presents a proshot tape of their October 20th concert down in Sao Paulo, early sets come with the bonus DVD-R "Persona Fest 2013"....

...Finally this week, a supplementary mention and cover shot of the next Red Tongue Records deluxe ROLLING STONES set, "The Real Alternate Steel Wheels" 5LP Box...and with that, they just might tour again in 2014!..incredible.  Have yourself a nice rest of the week and weekend, we'll rendezvous here again this time next week, thanks!....

Svengi, November 6, 2013


by robertmanfred @ 13 Nov 2013 02:18 pm

ich hätte die john lennon multitracks separated imagine john lennon 3cd-1dvd


by Svengi @ 14 Nov 2013 09:07 am

Hi Robert, this Rapple announcement is depicted in the artwork displayed at the top of this news article.


by Angelinha @ 23 Jul 2014 12:17 am

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