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Vinly Records and CD Reviews for Queen, David Bowie, Tom Petty Prince and Aretha Franklin

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The week in bootleg news for September 13 through 19, 2004...

It has been a fabulous week from our standpoint here at HotWacks On-line. The addition of The Bridge page has generated some healthy interaction with the group and many new links for our membership to help their research and acquisitions. Thanks to all who have submitted their links, or favorite links, to the team here!

I also want to thank some of the reviewers on the team who have kept up with additional posting of reviews lately,

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From "The Bridge" to all the New Release News....

To start out this week, I just wanted to capitalize on the addition of �The Bridge� page we have posted here at HotWacks On-line. We have been asked countless times about featuring downloadable artwork on the site, etc. As you can now see, there are numerous other sites that do a fine job of providing artwork for collectors�this seemed to be the best way to connect our membership with some of these resources, including a host of other collecting related information. We want to concentrate on News & Reviews while keeping everyone connected with all the other facets of collecting,

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Delayed but the news is now here!....

My apologies for the delay in the column for today. Unforseen things.

Another thin week in the news department, though the CDR & DVD-R folks continue to produce, or dupe, material for the masses. Most of it pretty damn good too! My 2 cents worth is this, if they want to charge the prices they are asking�they need to beef up the packaging, or just lower the price point. Some of these labels are certainly in the vein of �labor of love� efforts but, a lot of them are not.

One noteworthy CDR release is an uncirculated David Bowie soundboard...
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Zeppelin, Stones and early scoops to round out August

This week�s news is fairly thin in breadth but there are certainly updates and titles to expand on so let�s have at it!

Starting off on the Led Zeppelin front�the new �Alternative Graffiti� title from Celebration is said to contain new outtakes and/or upgrades on Disc 1 while supplementing with beefed up alternates and outtakes of tracks previously released, balancing out the double-disc title.

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The calm before the Fall Release Storm?...

There seems to be a bit of calm that has set in on the bootleg release front. At least from the major labels. We are aware of numerous high profile projects slated for Fall release and it appears we are in between waves. However, the CDR and DVD-R labels are certainly keeping collectors busy trying to sort out what relevant titles to chase down. As you all know, we will soon see things really pick up for the Fall�and we are ready to bring all the glorious details and info to you here at HotWacks On-line!

Here�s what we have heard about this week�there�s a Black Sabbath disc on the way...

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Dinosaur it's finest!

Hello, and welcome back. The Summer is clipping along and you already can feel that �back �to-school� vibe setting in.

The Aurora Borealis Label has been quiet of late BUT, it seems with good reason. We have received details on their soon-to-be released double DVD title, �"CSNY Live in London 1974". This will be the COMPLETE Wembley Stadium concert from September 14th, 1974, which also featured Joni Mitchell. She joins the band for a couple of songs during the performance.

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Japan or Bust? It's Only Rock N' Roll But We Have much to talk about...

About 10 days ago, there were rumors spreading fast & furiously regarding Vinyl Gang Productions getting dismantled due to a major bootlegging bust in Japan. Thanks to a post from �kees� over at the It�s Only Rock N� Roll website (Bjornulfs� The Rolling Stones Fan Club Of Europe)�word is that the label did not get busted...

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August News for the 1st of the month....

Things seemed to go into a bit of a stall for both, information on new releases and additions to the review database, this week. However, having returned from a Summer weekend escape we have some new material waiting to be listened to and viewed for our assessments.

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Mid-Summer providing a jam-packed release schedule...

There seems to be a lot of activity on all fronts even though we are in the middle of what is usually a slower, summer period. I cannot help but feel that with the Bit Torrent sharing, this has allowed labels to drop titles without much lead time. I was checking out the Japanese release updates earlier today and it seems that most releases are coming from CDR & DVD-R Labels.

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Yes!...the weekly roundup for July 18th, 2004

Welcome to this week�s RH&AR column. Another busy week and we can�t seem to get the reviews out fast enough! As we take a quick look at what is coming out on bootleg CD & DVD, we need to comment on a title that eluded these pages in the last couple of weeks.

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Buddy Holly, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Revolver and The Stones...

What a week! It�s taken us the last 3-4 days to gather material and release information to a jam-packed release schedule. After fussing over what to cover, it became clear that we just utilize the news ticker to spoon feed some of the pertinent info and profile a stand-out title here. We�ll let our reviewers fill in the rest.

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A Summer Holiday Week in brief...

It was a very quiet week around the board. Whether it's the Independence Day Holiday, etc....we too found ourselves stepping out of the circles for a break. Some rambling thoughts to share though!


A survey of the the Bootleg DVD landscape...

This week we have both, quality and quantity at our tables. That�s a great dilemma to have as collectors! What to pick up?�that is always the question. All we can do at HotWacks Online is to help to navigate through the onslaught.


Rockin' through week #2 of the New HotWacks On-line!

Welcome Back! Our second full week has had our staff busy, cruising through a number of new releases and have posted a ton of reviews. We hope you have had the chance to get caught up.


Welcome to our Inaugural Column!

We are happy to have you join us here at HotWacks On-line for what we hope will be, a weekly ritual. The concept for this page is to expand on the headlines posted on our News Ticker throughout the week.


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